Accurate piecing

The topic of this post is: “How easy and simple it is to piece traditional blocks (such as Flying Geese, Square in a Square,… just to name a few), as well as those usually requiring a foundation basis.” This is my original work and it is protected by copyrights! I will tell you how myLire la suite « Accurate piecing »

Precision Piecing

   ACCURATE PIECING      Trace by hand the pattern on tracing paper using the pattern, with fine lines, using a mechanical pencil, a black marker or a pencil (this would not stain the fabrics!). And cut around the shape (no seam allowance). Mark the RIGHT side on each. On the right side also number theLire la suite « Precision Piecing »

 partial view of « Blue an Cream » (« Turning Points » by AnnJohson, designed for Connecting Threads) a color variation of the same pattern: my square meter quilt for the 2017 Suzdal International Festival

My quilts gallery 2014 – 2017

  2019 Atomic Starburst  pattern by Violet Craft                                      Pieced with my « Precision Piecing  » technique                                                   and quilted by Kris Hoffman   and  2019 Russian Rubix and Rubix 2 : pattern by April Rosenthal 2018 Ocean pattern by Elizabeth Hartman    2017 « Turning Points » above with detail, and « A Little Good News Today » below (Suzdal InternationalLire la suite « My quilts gallery 2014 – 2017 »

organizing bobbins

Insert a small wooden skewer in both bobbin and spool. Pass a rubber band around one end, twist it and pass it around the other end. I have used this system for years. The threads never came loose, and I just keep my thread in a basket. The best rubber band are the cotton-covered ones,Lire la suite « organizing bobbins »

« pieced applique » method tutorial: how to applique circles with invisible hidden stitches!

How to : Appliqué circles (and other shapes) with invisible stitches! (en français ci-dessous) Field: this method can be used for – but is not restricted to * – closed  round shapes (full circles and other convex or outward curves), which cannot be done by machine (or with raw edge). Feel free to use itLire la suite « « pieced applique » method tutorial: how to applique circles with invisible hidden stitches! »

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